GCG takes a fully integrated, multidisciplinary approach when addressing bankruptcy administrations. From small cases to matters of national import, GCG provides industry leading reorganization services including services relating to chapter 7 liquidations, chapter 9 restructurings, chapter 11 reorganizations, chapter 15 cross-border proceedings, Creditors’ Committee assistance, and out-of-court restructurings and corporate events. Our team has handled landmark bankruptcies in U.S. history involving billions of dollars of liabilities. GCG’s state-of-the-art online claim portal promotes ease of use and administration efficiencies, and is the newest and most robust in the industry.

GCG helps chapter 7 trustees fulfill their responsibilities when liquidating a company’s assets. Many of the same innovative tools that are critical to our chapter 11 services, discussed below, contribute to our ability to efficiently handle our chapter 7 administrations.

In chapter 9 restructurings, the need for accurate, responsive, and cost-effective service is paramount. Our Bankruptcy team delivers a full range of services such as creditor noticing, designing and implementing a multimedia notification program, and effectuating disbursements.

GCG offers comprehensive and customizable services across all industries for every aspect of a bankruptcy reorganization matter. GCG’s SOFAs/Schedules team has extensive experience preparing schedules of assets and liabilities (“Schedules”) and statements of financial affairs (“SOFAs”) on chapter 11 cases, including mega cases such as American Apparel, American Airlines, Motors Liquidation Company, et al. (f/k/a General Motors Corp., et al.), Edison Mission Energy, MF Global, General Maritime Corporation and Patriot Coal Corporation.  Beyond the historic and mega cases we have handled, GCG is an industry leader in handling cases involving the energy sector.

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected and bankruptcy cases are linked to cross-border assets or proceedings, the interplay of multiple jurisdictions presents unique challenges. GCG has the international experience and broad base of international contacts to overcome the unique challenges of a chapter 15 administration. In fact, GCG was the first administrator to accomplish a restructuring in Brazil in the Lupatech matter.

Having designed full-service administrative programs for many Creditors’ Committees, GCG understands the key role we play and the need for a professional partner to help manage a Committee’s administrative duties. In particular, GCG assists Creditors’ Committees with notice dissemination, automated and interactive Call Center services, and case-specific websites to disseminate important and often time sensitive information.

Led by an industry expert, GCG’s Solicitation Services Team is the premier provider of chapter 11 solicitation services, including soliciting votes on traditional chapter 11 plans as well as prepack and pre-negotiated chapter 11 plans.  GCG works closely with debtor’s counsel to craft customized mailing procedures, tabulation rules, ballots, notices, and other solicitation-related documents that will provide for a successful solicitation while also complying with the relevant federal and local rules, customs, and practices. GCG also offers a state-of-the-art online voting portal to maximize the ease and cost savings associated with electronic voting. Throughout the solicitation period, GCG will offer regular voting reports to the debtor and its counsel, and will (upon the conclusion of the solicitation) file a detailed declaration memorializing the methodology used to solicit votes and the final voting results.

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